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Jokes Date: March 28, 2020

How come Macaulay Culkin never get sick? Because he stays home alone.

My ex-wife still misses me

My ex-wife still misses me... But her aim is getting better.

Love yourself, just don't do it in public

Love yourself, just don't do it in public. There are laws against that type of behavior

Chuck Norris caught the Coronavirus

Chuck Norris caught the Coronavirus recently. He holds the virus hostage ever since.

Coronavirus COVID-19 jokes

Chuck Norris's favorite drink during the pandemic. He drinks COVID-19 each morning. This is a so-called mutation of the virus into a more aggressive one: CHUCK-20. World Health Organization, (WHO) declared this is the worst virus ever.

Chuck Norris fart the Big Bang

Chuck Norris is a creative kind of guy, the last time he farted it was quite a big deal. Scientifically speaking, they call it the Big Bang.

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