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Jokes Date: March 25, 2020

Pandemic tips: don't get COVID-19! Wait for Hantavirus. We have information that it is an updated version.

Chuck Norris caught the Coronavirus

Chuck Norris caught the Coronavirus recently. He holds the virus hostage ever since.

Coronavirus cure

Researchers just found a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, it's Coronavirus.

Wishing you a great year 2020!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 20! I reply to ""Happy New Year"" with ""not if I have anything to do with it. Every year I make a resolution to change myself... this year I am making a resolution to be myself!.....Happy new year 2020.. Kids - there is no Santa. Those gifts were from your parents. Happy New Year from Wikileaks HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE: It takes 24,637 bolts to put a car together, but only one nut to spread it all over the road. Don't Drink & Drive!

COVID-19 immunity

How come Donald Trump never get sick? He has diplomatic immunity.

Trump reelection

If Trump remains, I'm leaving the country Not a political post, I just love to travel

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