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Jokes Date: March 9, 2020

Beware of butt kissers! Coronavirus can be transmitted by ass kissing.

Toilet paper lack

What does Bill Gates when he lacks toilet paper? He uses $100 (one hundred) bills.

Trump reelection

If Trump remains, I'm leaving the country Not a political post, I just love to travel

Bitcoin joke

I know a guy who became a millionaire after buying Bitcoin. Before that, he was a billionaire.

Jokes about coronavirus

What's the difference between a Corona Girl and Coronavirus? Coronavirus does something.

Chuck Norris isn't real

Chuck Norris isn't real... If he had been real, he would've come here and probably smash my head on my keyboarjfjcjcndndjxucbfjdi oejebhh jdudyehsbsj

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