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Jokes Date: March 12, 2020

Chuck Norris cured Coronavirus. The virus is healthy at the moment. It paid a lot for his treatment.

Chuck Norris fart the Big Bang

Chuck Norris is a creative kind of guy, the last time he farted it was quite a big deal. Scientifically speaking, they call it the Big Bang.

International Women's Day

Knowing its International Women's Day is the only thing I know about women

Boss funny message

Boss sent me a message the other day: Send me some funny messages. I replied: I'm working right now, I will send you later. Boss: hahaha..send me another one

Valentines day is over

Well, ladies Valentines day is over. Time for the men to go back to being a-holes again

Life is meaningless

Life is meaningless, but some of the food is decent

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