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So much blood in my alcohol system

Category: Jokes Date: February 11, 2020

Why is there so much blood in my alcohol system?...

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Wishing you a great year 2020!

Category: Jokes Date: December 31, 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome to 20! I reply to ""Happy New Year"" with ""not if I have anything to do with it. Every year I make a resolution to change myself... this year I am making a resolution to be ...

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Chuck Norris body

Category: Jokes Date: February 1, 2020

Chuck Norris is 80 but has the body an 18-year-old... In the suitcase....

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How to get rid of the hangover

Category: Jokes Date: March 20, 2020

If you want to get rid of the hangover try this: Get drunk again!...

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Chuck Norris walks on the sun

Category: Jokes Date: February 8, 2020

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon, Chuck Norris was the first person to walk on the sun....

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Covid 19 fun

Category: Jokes Date: March 15, 2020

I am very ill, you have to help me out! Certainly, get out, please?...

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Coronavirus cure

Category: Jokes Date: March 4, 2020

Researchers just found a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, it's Coronavirus....

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Why did the squirrel cross the road?

Category: Jokes Date: November 23, 2019

Why did the squirrel cross the road? To get to the other side....

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Stay at home jokes

Category: Jokes Date: March 28, 2020

My wife Googled "how responsible does a 10yr old need to be to stay at home without a babysitter" and now she won't let me stay home alone....

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Chuck Norris cannot love

Category: Jokes Date: January 31, 2020

Chuck Norris cannot love, he can only not kill...

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