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Jokes Date: January 10, 2020

I know a guy who became a millionaire after buying Bitcoin. Before that, he was a billionaire.

Let's make love

A man tells his wife "Here's your aspirin, my dear." Wife: Why are you giving me an aspirin? I don't have a headache. Man: Gotcha! Let's make love!

Trump to fire Fauci jokes

Why would Donald Trump want to dismiss dr.Anthony Fauci from the White House Coronavirus Task Force? Keeping him means he'd need to lockdown in a smaller house in a black neighborhood. New members proposed: Dr.Alban, dr. Dre, Dr. Oetker, or Dr. Dolittle. He states that he is not a fan of them but prefers music in quarantine instead of vaccination.

Stay at home joke

Doctor, everyone keeps ignoring me. Next, please!

Coronavirus joke

The Coronavirus can now be transmitted sexually. Luckily, most of you have nothing to worry about. It can't be transmitted by your own hand.

COVID-19 mask

Why doesn't Michael Jackson ever get COVID-19? Because he's dead

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