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Alcohol kills Coronavirus » Jokes » Alcohol kills Coronavirus

Jokes Date: April 6, 2020

Alcohol kills Coronavirus just on your hands. Don't try it on your liver.

COVID-20 jokes

Latest recommendation: don't get COVID-19! Wait for COVID-20. We have information from certain sources that it is an improved version.

Valentines day is over

Well, ladies Valentines day is over. Time for the men to go back to being a-holes again

International Women's Day

Knowing its International Women's Day is the only thing I know about women

Coronavirus vaccine

Chuck Norris's tears cure coronavirus... Too bad he has never cried.

Tell me when you have orgasm

Husband asked his wife: "why don't you tell me when you have orgasm?" She replied: "because I don't like calling you at work."

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